Review of Uneasy Dreams by Laszlo Gardony, Berklee College of Music

Flutist/composer Christian Artmann has recorded a compelling album of original music. Echoes of postbop jazz, modern classical, the avant-garde and Brazilian music all brought together in one realized vision of composition and improvisation. Artmann receives top-notch support from a stellar rhythm section. Johannes Weidenmueller, Jeff Hirshfield and Rubens Salles all sensitively and creatively tune into Artmann’s concept and together they’ve recorded a flowing, inspiring album. Vocalist Elena McEntire’s distinctive, heartfelt singing adds much to the sound of the band and the emotional strength of the music. The unique African inspired “Kafka” features a strikingly beautiful melody and a vibe of living at the border of joy and foreboding doom. The two Artmann pieces which were inspired by jazz classics (“Next Steps” by “Giant Steps”; “On a Sentimental Flute” by “In a Sentimental Mood”) are valid extensions of the ideas the standards originally provide – played with both complexity and ease. The opening 58 seconds tune, “Foreboding”, with its haunting harmonies and melody is a perfect way to start a truly original, personal album that conveys relevant thoughts and feelings for our times. I highly recommend it.