The Flutist Quarterly – Review of Uneasy Dreams by Rebecca Johnson (spring, 2012 issue)

The sound world created by Artmann and ensemble varies greatly from one track to the next, creating a sense of anticipation as one waits to hear what will occur next. Uneasy Dreams, the title track, will make the classical flutist smile with its ruminations on the standard excerpt from Brahms’ Symphony No. 1. If Uneasy Dreams ruminates, its titular companion Easy Dreams is a light-hearted improvisation that celebrates the joyful side of jazz. On every track, members of the ensemble respond to each other intuitively. I find the flute playing on Uneasy Dreams laudable for its quality. The variety of colors and styles offered from one piece to the next kept me engaged throughout. As Artmann pays homage to musicians and composers of the past, he weaves a new web in which his tributes seem neither trite nor cheeky but simply a part of the fabric of music in his own mind based on his own experiences and training.