Sea of Tranquility – Review of Our Story by Jon Neudorf (August 1, 2018)

Christian Artmann was raised in Germany before moving to the United States as a teenager. While his parents encouraged him to take up the piano he focused on the flute and has not looked back since. He released his 2011 debut titled Uneasy Dreams followed by the excellent Fields of Pannonia, reviewed on this site. He’s back with his third album Our Story.

This is another top notch band with superb playing by all members. Often the spotlight is on Artmann’s flute for good reason. He’s an exceptional player, dynamic, fluid and highly imaginative. The piano work of Gardony also deserves special mention as he provides fabulous solos throughout the disc. Check out the flute and piano solos on the first track “The Noctambulist” to hear what I mean. On “Earthling” the flute and vocal lines in unison sound great, as does the inspired flute solo. On the title track an extended flute solo takes up the entire first half and it’s a real treat for the ears. Then the piano returns the favour. Really stunning stuff. One of my favourites is the haunting “Tropic of Capricorn”. Sweeping waves drift through the soundscape before the flute takes hold with another excellent solo. Before long the band get into a light and airy groove before ending with more beguiling flute work. Score: